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Computer is a mess.can someone look at my HJT

Computer is dialing up on its own

computer is a paperweight right now - HELP!

Computer is a total mess!

computer is acting slow. hijack this log.

Computer is extremely slow. HJT log.

Computer is being invaded

Computer is acting very weird! HJT log.

Computer is slow again! - HJT log

computer is driving me crazy

Computer is running almost to a standstill

is my computer on

computer is bogged down

Computer is Infected with Backdoor.win32.zaccess.please help!

Computer is slow to boot and run HJT log included

computer is *%$#ed beyond belief.

bmow floppy emu

typing delay windows 10

computer is completely a waste.can you help me get use out of it again?

Computer is really jacked up

computer is saying .

computer is really messed up

Computer is infected. HijackThis Log in post

Computer is turning me into a ticking timebomb ready to explode!

Computer is running really slow.help!

Computer is REALLY slow! HJT log can u help?

Computer is Jacked Up

computer is hesitating - LOG included

Computer is rebooting on it's own/Event Log and Hijack log

Computer is SLOW! Hijack file included

how to test ram

how to exorcise a computer

Computer is sooo sssslllloooowwww - Help!

Computer is Slow slower slowest

computer is VERY pokey!

computer is running slow/crashing hijackthis log included

yogurt in hindi

Computer is dragging - HJT log attached

Computer is hosed - please help!

Computer is getting progressively worse.

Computer Is Screwed Up: Here Is My Hijack This Log

computer is soooooo slow - hijack this log

Computer is running extermely slowly - HJT log

can computers be haunted

Computer is very slow.HijackThis Log

Computer Is Stuck In "Classic Mode".PLZ HELP

Computer is dead [URGENT!]

antimalware service executable

computer is drunk

Computer is getting bogged down.

Computer Is Randomly Shutting Off.HELP!?!?

Computer is very sluggish/Assert in LSP error

Computer is really dragging(Hijack log inside)

Computer is Possessed>>>Really Weird!

Computer is Whimpering

Computer is very very slow.My Hijackthis log

Computer Is Too Slow! HiJackThis Log [please help]

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